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The Difference Between Brand Developer & Graphic Designer by David Allen Schwartz of Vivid Mint.

If you’re not in the industry, you may not know the difference between a brand developer and a graphic designer. It takes a creative mind, and often teams of them, to accurately conceptualize someone’s vision and execute it properly. For example, a logo design should begin only after a target audience has been defined and a killer brand strategy has been planned. This also explains one of the game-changing differences between a graphic designer and a brand developer.

Exciting Challenge:

Turn the dream into a reality cost-effectively without losing focus on the prioritized demands of the main business goals.

Enjoyable Solution:

Hire a professional brand developer who loves what they do, has a unique portfolio that shows their creative graphic design skills, and who acknowledges “big picture.”

First Step Branding Strategy — Vivid Mint

The First Step of a Killer Branding Strategy

Understanding your target audience is a top priority and proper research using advanced software is necessary in this day and age. With guidance from the experts, and only once your audience(s) has been identified and understood, you can begin planning. Creating of a bulletproof branding strategy is a smart next step in the right direction.

The success of a relevant, unique and attractive logo design and brand is almost entirely dependent on a creative branding strategy that will sharply slice through your business goals while cutting the edge slightly to gain attention with your target audience. It’s not about killing your competition, actually. Spending efforts on forming alliances produce sustainably lucrative results and can help defend against larger entities. However, there’s nothing wrong about being ruthless with your cutting-edge branding and marketing endeavors.

The Purpose of a Logo Design

Logo designs should look confidently good and make sense. Logos are specifically designed to resonate with an intended target audience. A good logo should accurately represent a company’s vision while communicating a powerful message — all within a short period of time. This is easier said than done, but a logo that speaks a thousand words within a blink of an eye or while passing by is a winner. Why not let the branding work it’s magic for you by leaving an unforgettably enticing first impression to all those who are fortunate enough to witness such magnificence?

If you can motivate people to publicly share your unique brand and catchy advertisements with their friends on social media, then you have an army of free marketers.

Nothing is free of course. Affiliate marketing programs make viable solutions for this challenge and can be seamlessly integrated into any digital marketing campaign. Marketing automation success is very much dependent on a solid brand. It often serves as the logistics backbone for many businesses, which in turn saves a lot of money at the end of the week, month, year… and over the years.

Your Brand Comes First — Invest Appropriately

The most important priorities of starting a new brand are often overlooked. A top-quality logo design is much cheaper than chasing down a resistant audience with a steaming pile of cash riding an expensive garbage truck. It may be a great truck, but nobody wants to get close enough to smell it. Startups cannot afford to burn through cash if they want a chance at achieving success. They’ll either run out before they cross the finish line, or scare their investors away before they get to the next round of vital funding.

The effectiveness of a brand paves the road ahead for a cost-effective, successful marketing campaign. The quality of a brand ultimately and directly affects a company’s revenue growth (and growth rate), cost of marketing, and overall chance of sustainable success as evidently illustrated. If you’re still reading, then you are starting to understand the complex difference between a brand developer and a graphic designer. A simple 1–2–3 conclusive diagram is nice, but doesn’t really cut it.

What’s the cost of persuading a group of high-converting prospects to share your content with their friends? Priceless.

Investing in a powerful branding strategist is a no-brainer. A talented brand developer can also save you the grief from unforeseeable costly problems in the future such as copyright infringement issues and domain name nightmares, among others. In addition, the possibilities of being bought out for a lump sum of money is always a nice option to have for a few extra, well-spent marketing bucks. And nobody wants to buy a stinky garbage truck logo, unless you’re in the business of trash removal. Not only does an ample branding investment save money and ensure success, but it will motivate you to speak about your business confidently while eliminating the anxiety associated with future problems that only professionals with years of experience can foresee.

The Madness Behind The Mask

The face of a company, business, idea or venture sets a crucial tone, forever impacting the future of its identity. So, why not have the best brand? Seriously, ask yourself.

When professionally orchestrated and executed, strategic business and personal branding can cut the sales process in half and ultimately reduce the average cost per acquisition (CPA) — a strong key performance indicator (KPI) used in digital marketing that can help verify and measure the overall effectiveness of a brand’s quality. In other words, don’t hire your cousin who just graduated the Art Institute of whatever city to save on a petty amount of cash.

Key components of a brand include the mood and relevance of the logo design, imagery used to represent your brand, and the overall aesthetics of your appearance — both online and offline. Tone, attitude, or flavor used to broadcast your message should accurately reflect in the logo and branding design while resonating with your target audience. That takes a deep understanding of psychology specifically within human perception and the power of color. In addition to the logo mark, social-media-friendly icon, and the primary colors used in your image, uniqueness and authenticity are essential qualities of a successful brand.

David Allen Schwartz of Vivid Mint aka “David Allens”

About David Allen Schwartz

I’m also known as “David Allens” in the music industry. I happen to be a creative brand developer and have a digital marketing background with over 15 years of experience. Having advanced Adobe software skills with a passion for graphic design also adds to the creative value that I bring to the table for my clients, friends, and family. Since 2006, I’ve continued to improve my graphic design accuracy with enhanced conceptualization techniques. Years of practice and experience come with the ever-increasing rate of creative production — and it never ends.

Collaborative Communication

Whether I’m working alone or with my talented team, the first thing that happens is clear communication. We consult, strategize, and effectively communicate via collaborative workspaces with each other, and our clients, to ensure an above-and-beyond experience resulting in a successfully sustainable brand that everyone loves.

Our logo design portfolio includes clients in many different industries: dentists, orthodontists, real estate, music record labels, film production studios, clothing lines, crypto & investment projects, eCommerce stores, furniture outlets, engineering, law firms, manufacturing facilities, food and beverage, recreational boating, electric vehicles, marijuana brands and more.

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